Why Start A Blog?

Here is the long and the short of why I am writing a blog about gluten free cooking, making your own household products, and other things to help you have a busy blessed life.

Why make gluten free food?

It started with wanting to help my son who was diagnosed with moderate ADHD and Sensory Processing Disorder. We didn’t feel that pharmaceuticals were the answer for us, so we looked into some more natural approaches and discovered the gluten free, casein free diet. It’s been almost 6 years and he is still (mostly) gluten and dairy free. He can cheat every once in awhile with a hard cheese and be okay. We also don’t let him have red food coloring and he takes a couple of homeopathic focus medications and…he is thriving!

The rest of us jumped on the gluten free wagon a little over a My Familyyear ago (why we didn’t do it sooner, I have no idea) and have never looked back. The Hubs and The Dude are both gluten and dairy free, while The Little Bit and I are able to handle dairy.

All of the recipes you find here will be gluten free, but they may not all be dairy free. If you find a way to make one of those dairy free as well, go for it and let me know how it works out! I am also starting to venture into things like juicing, water kefir, and the idea of going paleo (not sure I can give up dairy!). I’ll keep you posted on those.

Often I have taken a recipe and adjusted it to make it my own by tweaking this and that. I will always post a link back to the original recipe, because it’s just wrong not to. So, if you like a recipe, make it your own, but link it back to the original post please!

Why make my own household products?

Because my daughter’s skin is extremely sensitive to dyes, artificial fragrances and other chemicals. Even a scented hand lotion can cause hives. The things that I make are, for the most part, made from things you can buy at your local grocery store. And she can use every one of them safely.

Once I started making a few things, I started wondering what else I could make, and now that that train has left the station, I just don’t think there is any stopping it!

So…why start a blog???

After 6 years of making gluten free goodies, I have quite the collection of recipes. And the people in my life know that I make those gluten free goodies (and other things) and have started asking for the recipes. It’s gotten to the point where I receive a handful of requests every week, and a blog seemed to be to be the best way to put it out there.

I hope you enjoy!


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