New Year, New Focus

It’s been close to 7 months since my last blog post. Life this past fall was so busy that I felt like it took everything in me just to tread water and keep up. I had taken on too much and everything around me suffered the effects, this site being no exception. I’ve taken the past month to reset, re-think, and re-do some priorities.

I have spent time on my knees with the Lord asking Him to redirect my focus onto the things that are 1) glorifying to Him and 2) the absolute best for my family and my ministry. A phrase the senior pastor at our last church said that always stays with me is, “the good things can become bad things when they crowd out the best things.”

I have learned to let go of certain things, so that I can focus on what’s important. I have learned that letting something go or saying “no” does not mean that I have failed, it simply means that I cannot do it all. I was never intended to. But that being said, this blog is important to me. It’s something that I feel called to do.

As I have spent time in thought and prayer, the Lord kept bringing to mind two words: authentic and content. These are what I am striving to be this year. This is how I want to live. And by God’s grace and strength, I can.

So look in the coming days and weeks for new thoughts, new projects, and new recipes as I press on to live the life God has called me to live.